Top Coat Fixator


After applying 2 thin coats of nail polish, apply one coat of top coat and / or minute quick finish for extra hold and shine. Can also be used instead of nail polish colour for a natural and glossy look.

  • All Mavala nail polishes, base coats and top coats allow nails to breathe. They contain a resin extracted from wood which adheres to the nail surface in the form of a flexible and resistant film which remains porous, allowing oxygen and water vapour to pass through the nail polish, to the nail plate. They are also free from toxic ingredients.

    Mavala's toxic free, cruelty free, worry free Mini nail polishes allow nails to breathe naturally, allowing you to wear nail polish all the time, without the fear of damaging your nails.

    All the Mavala "MINI's" contain 2 small mixing balls, in order to efficiently shake the bottle before use to break the thixotropy inherent in this product and to restore its appropriate consistency and dazzling colour.

    Colours on your screen may differ significantly from the actual colour of this product. 

    For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept refunds or returns on this product.