Concerns for health & the environment developed a passion for living toxin free, as it's better for us and best for Earth.

Tic No Tox was created to share this passion with you! 

At Tic No Tox you will find trusted, high quality, toxin free products for your health and lifestyle.

Lets Tic No Tox and clock out toxins for life!

Tic No Tox Team


Ecstatic to have started my motherhood journey at a young age soon became distress for my health as it began to deteriorate. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome caused by a severe hormonal imbalance. For many years no doctor or medication helped ease my pain and discomfort but the side effects further left me scarred. Research into the cause had me realise that the toxins in our foods and everyday products can cause more damage to our bodies than we think. While some peoples body can handle toxins better by eliminating them faster than they are absorbed, mine unfortunately was not one of them. For me, to remove those toxins naturally required much research and a lifestyle change to trialling tons of toxin free products. I feel a million times better today thanks to living toxin free.